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i thought i might introduce myself =).

im Melissa, 21, from CT. i've worked on a dairy farm for about 5yrs now,  i mostly do milking, some tractor work, ect. We milk between 40-50 holstein and jeresy and we have about 125 total on the farm itself. I showed at various fairs a few years ago, but with limited time... i dont do that anymore so i help out when i can. I also meet my awesome boyfriend from the farm.... cant beat anything better than a good ole farm boy =)

thats it in a nutshell. heres some pics of the farm:


 the old tractor. we just upgraded to a newer/ bigger bucket tractor

 my boss filling the bucket with corn

 my cow giving some lovin

 a shorthorn and a jeresy/holstein cross

 one of the many jeresy bulls

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i worked on a farm in jersey (not new jersey) and man are jersey bull aggressive!
what kinda yeilds are you getting from those cows?

Deleted comment

ok i take it you dont milk record then.
what are the popular bulls in ai in america at the moment?
we record, i just dont pay enough attention.

hopefully that direct link will work. its goes straight to Genex, click on the top 100 sires. =)
we yield between 4600-5500lbs every other day. (currently its in the 4600's... i checked back up to about 6months ago to get the 5500) depending on weather and number milking. we have a 700gallon tank. =)
we only keep jeresy bulls. once they've hit maturity we use them to breed the heifers, after that its AI. we keep them until they start charging us... then they're sold. we have enough in rotation that we usually dont have to borrow or buy another bull.

yeilding for milk wise.. its hard to really put a finger on indivual cows holstein giving the most, then jeresy and our shorthorns. im trying to think how big our tank is... and im drawing a blank. lol, this was probably a useless answer to your question. i'll write down the tank size when i goto the farm later today.
you guys milk milking shorthorns that sooooo cool so do we....i'm 16 and i live on my families milking shorthorn farm and we show a you ever show the's hard to find some one who milks M.S. around here (central Iowa) so it's always cool to talk to some one who has a few
yeah, my bosses daughter used to show the m.s but she grew outta it. we liked them so we kept them. we have 1 thats milking (the mama of them all), her son is on the hill (calf hutch), her daughter is dry, one is in the bull pen and one is on our heifer lot. =)

how many do you guys milk?

this is the only other pic i have (besides the heifer calf in the other pic i posted) of the shorthorns

sorry if its huge, i cant size it in comments. Its Buttons, shes the one in milking right now.
we milk about 25 right now we used to milk about 60 holstiens but when we got into the m.s. about 10 yrs. ago we sold most of them...but our herd keeps growing
It's tough to find young people who like to milk, I think. Your boss is lucky to have you and so are you to enjoy your work. Luck to ya!
i agree. most people cant deal with manure or the "smell" of farming. my boss is awesome, him and his wife are like second parents to me.
I LOVE your icon...too cute...k..that's all