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Hiya everyone! My name's Natasha (But everyone knows me by "Cujo" =P) and I love the fact that I stumbled upon this group. It's pretty awesome in my opinion.

I'm a senior in high school and I live smack-dab in the middle of a city in Southern California. When I was younger though and lived with my grandfather, I used to live on a farm in Oregon. I loved living there. The city's great but it's just not the same.

Anywho, I've been in the FFA program for four years. It's great that there's a little farm on my school campus and it's getting harder and harder to find schools like that here in Southern Cali. Hmm, this year I'm a FFA officer too. (Treasurer) So far I've raised pigs, turkeys, a lamb, and this year I'll be the first student in three years to raise a steer. Once I get out of high school I plan on majoring in Animal Science, might even look into being an Agriculture teacher myself.
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