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its not's not pouring...the old man is sweating.......

calf-hood vacinated today....thats was loads of fun...heifers got loose while we were trying to get other heifers in the shed..and then they went in neighbors beans...oh well not any damage...i hope

perhaps one of you could help w/ this question....we have a 27 year old arabian mare and the other day i was working this other horse and my mom had me leave the mare in w/ our two little percherns and they got scared and started running which freaked the mare out and she reared up and got cut on a rusty gate...we called the vet and got all the right shots and got it stiched up (she about cut her jugular and then would have died) its about a 4 inch wound and we rinse it out 2 times a day...any ways she is really stiff and she doesn't go out to the pasture to eat 'cause she's so stiff and soar is there something we can do to help her....she's like a part of the family and we really want her to get better plus i show her saddle seat english and need to start working her and getting both of us back in shape...and we don't want to work her to early so is there something we could perhaps do that you guys know of that might help???
thanks in advance
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