bluenecker21 (bluenecker21) wrote in farmers,

i thought i might introduce myself =).

im Melissa, 21, from CT. i've worked on a dairy farm for about 5yrs now,  i mostly do milking, some tractor work, ect. We milk between 40-50 holstein and jeresy and we have about 125 total on the farm itself. I showed at various fairs a few years ago, but with limited time... i dont do that anymore so i help out when i can. I also meet my awesome boyfriend from the farm.... cant beat anything better than a good ole farm boy =)

thats it in a nutshell. heres some pics of the farm:


 the old tractor. we just upgraded to a newer/ bigger bucket tractor

 my boss filling the bucket with corn

 my cow giving some lovin

 a shorthorn and a jeresy/holstein cross

 one of the many jeresy bulls

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